Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A New Kinda Beans and The Greatest Apple Ever

I bought some new kinda beans. They were in a bin where you write down the number of the kinda beans you got, but I forgot the name of the beans. They, as you can see, are kind of a pale green and have kind of a pale, bean flavor. I am happy to make the acquaintance of these new beans.

In other news, I was up in Fremont last Monday to do some judging of technology presentations, and as I was walking back to the bus stop, I pulled out of my bag, possibly the greatest apple ever. As you know, I've had a very logical terror of fruit for the last month or so, but my return to fruit was a very, very pleasant one. I was walking through one of those weird industrial park-things that used to be a very rural part of Fremont, but now has all these odd, sort of, big (but not tall) company buildings. What is this kind of landscape called, office park? Anyway, there's lots of mown grass and trees that have the fall colors. And, I had that apple and a nice lawn and tree smelling breeze. It was great. I think it was a gala, but it may have been a fuji. I could not identify it because it was blowing away my logic and abilities with it's greatness. Plus, I cannot name the source from which it came.

That's all I got to say, I think. New kinda beans, great apple.

Please enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. I think apples make sense as a way to transition back to fruit.

  2. I thought you were needing some beans with all of that pineapple you had been eating. Beans are good food for good people. Tim K

  3. I've got a pink lady preference.

  4. Christine, John, Rufus and Tim K!

    My favorite kind of apple is the macintosh. But I have a hard time finding them out on the west coast. I hope to get to see one or two macintosh apples out in New England in January. C'mon, New England. Save ol' ray a macintosh!

    Pineapples. I'll get back there. You'll see.