Monday, September 27, 2010

Ray Halliday Provides Fruit to Friends!

My friends, as you know, are terrific. I got to eat with them last night and they were all great. I was in charge of dessert and martinis. As you can guess, I picked fruit. I made fruits with whipped cream. It was good. I was worried, though. I wanted mangos and pineapple and bananas. But when I went to look, all I could find was some rock hard mangos, and then a couple of way-past-their prime mangos. So, the mangos were going to be iffy, I knew, and I had to prepare myself for the possibility of just serving my friends pineapples and bananas. This was fine, I told myself, they will still care for me, and it was and they did and they do.

As you can see, I've really got not too much to say that's interesting about my life except for the food I eat, and the tension and drama that surrounds it. Also, those way-past-their-prime mangos turned out to be way-past-their-prime avocados.

*sigh* I guess...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ray Halliday: Soon to be Covered in Flies!

A mango of ridiculous juiceosity. Do I need to say more? Deliciousity as well. But, c'mon. You know how mangoes can get!

I tried washing off some at the sink, but I think I have been covered too thoroughly. It went down my hands, over my wrists, down my sleeves past my armpits. It reached down under my shirt and hit my shoulders, back, sides and stomach. Reached into my pants and went down into my underwear and my legs. I tried the sink with soap and water but I'll be damned if I'm taking an extra shower because of a mango. I run this world, fruit, not you!

I will let you know how things turn out. I predict flies.

Still, the stubborn price standoff with me and pineapple rages on. I have plans that call for the pineapple this weekend, so my hand may be forced. Who handles the economy? It's them who run the world, not me or fruit. We are all pawns.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Heart-Shaped Blog, Plus Something Else If I Can Remember!

I am, at the moment, unremembering what else it was that I wanted to say.

But, I do remember the one thing I wanted to say about all the love that all the people showed me in the way of offering me money to send me to see my folks. That was super-nice of all of you and it warmed my heart. It was kind of embarrassing, too, a little. I want you to know, honestly, that that was not the response I was looking for. And I did send a nice letter to my folks quite similar to the one I put here last time, but without the money woes. I do not want them offering me money either. My point is that everybody I know is super-nice and I am lucky to know them. Thank you all.

Oh, here's the other thing. The pineapple picture from above is from weeks ago. I have not found a satisfactory pine' at a satisfactory price in a while. I have not given up hope.

I hope you all haven't either.

with love...

Now, please return to your day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Film by Ray Halliday

This is just a rough draft. But you guys get the idea. It's about flowers.

Anyway, I have this letter to my parents that seems hard to write, so I thought I would write it privately here, and see what you guys thought of it before sending it out.

Dear Mom and Dad (that's what I call them)

I want you to understand something that has been on my mind for the last few years. I very much regret moving away from the two of you (and my sister, I forget her name at the moment). I did not think that moving so far away would have such bad consequences. Don't get me wrong, I've got a nice life out here in California and I would not want to trade it. But, I did not think I would be so stuck out here. I honestly thought I would have made enough money to take a trip out to see you at least once a year or something. I wish we could have known each other better and spent more time together. It would have been nice, I think, to really get to know each other as adults. I believe we would have had some nice times. I still keep my eyes peeled for ways to see you more and even possibly, at some point, move back out your way. Unfortunately, I do not feel that time is on our side. I regret that, too.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know.

yer son,


What do you guys think?


I like pineapples, I think they are a good fruit.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Blog May Be in Trouble!

I was at the grocery store yesterday and they had these teeny pineapples for $4.99!


Do pineapples have a season? Is the season over?

I am up in the arms.

Please enjoy the rest of your day.